Introducing Omega Indexer, the latest in Google Indexing technology.


The Alpha & Omega of Indexing

OMEGA Indexer is What the SEO World Has Been Waiting For

Good News For All SEOers In The World

As you may have already noticed, Google has made Major changes in the indexing process. It is now harder than ever to get your links indexed.

The good news is that our Dedicated Team of developers have managed to find a new indexing Method using GSC! It takes around 7-8 days to index your links BUT you are making sure that you are using a SAFE and Authoritative Source to index your backlinks.

Overcoming Googles new practices comes at a cost. Due to additional expenses in the process we are forced to make a small increase in the cost per link.

This will however allow us to maintain the effectiveness and flexibility of our previous method.

Create a Campaign

Login to your Dashboard and click on New Campaign. Give your Campaign a name.

Add your Links

On the links field just paste or upload your inks from your machine.

Drip Feed

Select how many days you want Omega to finish your Campaign.

Click Submit

That's it! Omega Indexer will immediately start indexing your links!

why omega

What OMEGA can do for you

Stop wasting your time building web pages that don’t index and therefore offer little to no benefits.

Omega will take your URLs and push them up to Google. Once Google knows these pages exist, it will also start to index supplementary pages that link to the indexed pages.

Web-Based Application

Easy to Use

High Indexing Success

Budget Control


Pricing Per Link
1 Credit = 1 Link = $0.02

You have Total Control over your Budget!
  • Omega Indexer works with Link Credits. 1 Credit = 1 Link = $0.02
  • Minimum Deposit is $20 which is equal to 1000 Link Credits.
  • Your credits will not expire.
Going for the big time?
  • Bulk Link Credits over 100k.

Clients Say
About OMEGA Indexer

Omega Indexer is already taking the SEO world by storm. We have been beta-testing the indexer with some of the big names in the online marketing world and here’s what some of them have to say….
Kyler P.

Shout out to the crew behind Omega Indexer. I was fortunate to beta test the indexer for a couple of weeks.
My first test was to index a Pinterest board that absolutely refused to index. I've submitted it to other indexers, sent a ton of links at it, and fed it with social signals.
I even reached out to the Pinterest team to ask what the hell, and they said that was between me and Google.
I gave up. Haven't even looked at it for months.
When I got access to Omega, I tossed the Pinterest board into it. Within a day, it was indexed!
If it could index that, I was pretty happy confident it could index nearly anything. So I started throwing a lot of my SEO AP links into it. It looks like anything that can be indexed, was indexed.
Another thing I noticed was that when I used the Video Ranking tool to create more money site urls for my YouTube videos, it was using other sites like infinite looper. For the indexer, I took all the links that weren't YouTube, and sent those through the indexer.
My video moved up in rankings AND some of the other sites were showing up in the SERPs.
Loving this tool!

Kaloyan P.

I was really stunned by the way this indexer works. I've never seen anything like it. As soon as I added my links they would start getting indexed. I got around 90%+ indexing success which is unheard of. The ranking of my money sites increased dramatically as well. Unheard of...
Once again, thank you guys for creating all these great tools for our industry. You are the best of the best!

Damon M.

A lot of hype about OMEGA İNDEXER ? but it is true, it is the best ``instant indexer`` at the moment on the market.

Here is my humble opinion. IT WORKS. You copy paste your links (or upload a simple txt file) and push the start button. That's it (I don't go into detail , you can dripfeed etc).

WHY DO YOU NEED A INDEXER. Simple because google will crawl the links and pass the link juice to your sites ?. This will dramatically speed up the process of ranking. If you don't have a strong indexer it may happen that the links will not stuck on the serps (happened to me in the past with authority indexer).

You can index any kind of links. I indexed youtube playlist instantly even MR links ?.

If a link does not index you will get a error report. But in 99% of the cases this is not omega indexers fault as the report will show you the reason for example 404 website does not exist or website does not allow to index .. so that means success rate is 99% with OMEGA INDEXER.

İt's up to you how you want to use it. You don't have to index all thousands of links . I prefer to index some of my tier1 links which pointing to my moneysite.

Clint B.

Omega Indexer Test Results. Recently I ran a TLD indexing test on 15 different TLDs that are common on the market. After using multiple indexing methods, including Google Search Console URL submit, it was the new Omega Indexer that got the pages indexed properly.

Earl G.

I was really blown away by the speed of indexing of Omega. I've pretty much tried them all in the past, and even made one myself - but I've not come across anything as simple to use and as quick as Omega, and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to get new content indexed inside Google without any frustrations.